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Hello and welcome to my small corner of the interweb.

Firstly, thanks for dropping by and checking out my work. Originally born in Wigan, I made the move South to Berkshire/Wiltshire over twenty years ago and am currently based in a quiet village outside Hungerford.

My journey into photography came via the route of freelance writing having worked as a writer for national rock magazines such as Metal Hammer and rock sound where I had the pleasure of interviewing many household names such as Green Day, Linkin Park and Slash. My first experience working alongside a rock photographer was working on a feature with Metal Hammer/Iron Maiden photographer John Mcmurtie and since then I’ve been lucky enough to share a photo pit with many amazing rock photographers (Kevin Nixon, Paul Harries, Chris Casey, Tina Korhonen, Nick Stevens, Steven Gerrard, Mark Latham, Ester Segarra.. the list goes on….). It was after many years as a writer that I picked up my first film camera, put down my pint and ventured from the bar into the photo pit.

From there I’ve never looked back and have photographed many local, national and international acts over the years. However, it was another chance meeting, this time with respected K1 fighter Pete Mercer, that threw me into the explosive world of mixed martial arts and a whole new type of photography. In answer to your questions, yes it’s bloody and not for everyone but, again, I’ve met many fighters, press and promoters who I can call friends these days.

Now, while my passion is music and sport photography, the development of digital photography has given me the chance to explore many other avenues of photography and I’m just as at home photographing weddings, pets, corporate events as I am at the side of a cage or crushed up against a crash barrier avoiding crowd-surfing wheelchairs (yes it has happened) so, if you’re looking for something a bit different and want to work with me, get in touch through the contact page or Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all of which are linked below.

It’s taken a long time to get this website up and running but I’d like to finish by saying a huge thank you to Kevin Nixon, Charli ‘Little Red’ Edwards, Mark Latham, Daniel Ackerley, Steve Gerrard and John Mcmurtie for being a constant inspiration with an endless stream of amazing work!

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  Susan Boyle live at the New Theatre in Oxford

Admittedly not the usual way I spend a Saturday night but the opportunity to shoot Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle at a local show was one I couldn’t pass up. Inside are a few of my favourite shots from the two hour show…

Charlie Holmes Tattoo Shoot

Before a recent show in London I had a quick ten minute shoot with Heart In Hand frontman Charlie Holmes. Inside you’ll find a few pics from the shoot. Thanks to Charlie for giving up his time ahead of the show and with a cold!

911 – The Illuminate Tour 2014

Poor lighting is one of the downfalls of being a live concert photographer and something most gig photographers will experience at least once every couple gigs. My latest experience with the dreaded poor lighting came when returning boy band 911 rolled into Reading on their ironically tagged “Illuminate” tour.

Green Day – Billie Joe Armstrong Interview

With Dookie being twenty years old this year, I dug out my old cover feature I did with Bille Joe Armstrong at their home town show in California. Still one of my favourite ever interviews, here’s a few of the interesting comments the frontman made during our hour long chat around a pool table.

My new website is finally here!

As you’ll have probably noticed I’ve finally done it and put my website live. After endless years of messing about, I’ve finally gone and done something with my own little corner of the interweb.

“Love the portraits of Facey and Barnes especially and the epic action shots” – Izzy, BAMMA PR

“Checked out the site, loved it mate, really impressed” – Kevin Nixon (Classic Rock Magazine Photographer)

“Two hour photo shoot done, thank you to our wonderful photographer for putting up with us” – Charmaine, CCS Chic Events

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